Battle of the Generations- KC Racquet vs KC United
Battle of the Generations- KC Racquet vs KC United
Event Series: Battle of the Generations
Event Dates: 10/22/2011 - 12/31/2012
Registration: Online Registration Is Disabled
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Experience vs. Youth - Signup for Player List

KC United, one of the top junior tennis academies in the Kansas City area, will be moving into the KC Racquet Club bubbles to hone their skills during the winter season.  This has created a great opportunity for the high level players at KC Racquet to impart their wisdom, experience and exceptional talent onto these impressionable youngsters who are striving to make their way into the college tennis scene, and maybe even the pros. 

We'll have two events during the time the KC United players are with us at KC Racquet.  First, a free-for-all, an event where players are simply registering their name and information from which other players can find your info and contact you for a game - any time any where.  We have some awesome players, so this will be a great place to get a good list of capable players to play - and try the Tenviter to arrange those games. 

Battle of the Generations!

The Challenge is on.  The first match is Saturday, December 10th Twice a month, the KC United Wanna-Be's will field a team of both singles and doubles players to battle it out against the KC Racquet Has-Beens.  The season opener will be Saturday, ODecember 10th and the season will run until March, 2012.  The stakes could not be higher ... all players are playing for the pride of their generation.  Some older players might even finish the season with some victories under their belt again players who may one day be playing professional tennis. 

The team atmosphere will be loud and rowdy.  If you have what it takes to hold your own against some of the highest level junior players in the country, signup and play for the pride of KCRC. 
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